Our Services

To guide you through the cold chain, we offer a variety of services. Your products are our highest priority at all times.

Lease Options

We provide a large selection of lease packages and services for our different containers.

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Shipment Services

We provide services to support you and your company in the detailed planning of the shipment set-up, as well as onsite delivery and pick-up. 

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Container RAP e2 Lab

How to lease

Leasing an active container (that is serviced, checked and ready for operation) for air cargo is a superior solution compared to other options available in the market.

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可以赌足球的app Academy

To ensure the safe delivery of pharmaceuticals and to meet the requirements of a more demanding regulatory landscape, we need to acknowledge that training and education plays a vital role in safeguarding temperature-sensitive products during transport.

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To be able to lease a container you need to sign a Master Lease Agreement with us and become a Lessee. As a lessee, you will receive a percentage discount based on your business with us.

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